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about me and my work

Jewellery Designer - Maker / Leather Smith / Artist

My Jewellery and bodies of work are my contemplation of  the stories of our time and hope to provoke and inspire a conversation within you.


In the past 50 years literature, and inevitably the arts, have become very centred around the personality ethic and focuses on Self-development, which I see as the baseline for a wholesome live.

But with my work I would like to bring the focus back to the character ethic. Characteristics that make us accountable for the worlds well-being, the well-being of each and everyone of us and especially the wellbeing of BEINGS whose voices are silenced but are in need to be heard.


Through creating work that lives within the  beauty of the detail, I am holding a space to slow down, a space where awareness can take root and leaves a deep sense of inspiration. 

May this sense accompany you throughout your day and lead to something beautiful.

With love, 



Making custom pieces,  working close together with the client, bringing visions to life and letting the material have a voice.... 

If you have an idea for your special piece I can help to guide you through the design and creation process. Leaving you with a piece to be handed down through generations. 

20200826_©YE_PRJCT#01_Alena_PC#01_0895-1 copy.jpg

My space to explore and tell stories with my creative practice. Collections are created from felt experience that come alive in the making process. 

These are one of elaborate pieces standing alone or inspiration a collection.  

I am open to collaboration with other artists, galleries and organisations, creating contemporary collections to tell meaningful stories. 

what i do


I create wearable and functional pieces working with this beautiful material. Skilled in the art of embossing I turn the leather into the canvas telling a story with the tools.


Get in touch for personalised functional leather pieces or a wearable art piece. 

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