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conversation with the burned land

Standing on our veranda in Fremantle in Western Australia, looking at a moody Sunset coloured sky while catching the snow falling from the Sky. But the air wasn't crisp and cold, it filled my lunges with with smoke and the snow in my hand was ashes.


How does a land look like when a hot fire went through its midst as far as the Eye can see?


The colours are deep brown reds and rich blacks with dull orange leaves scattered amongst the grey ashes.

Textures so perfect in their detail, so fragile, crumbling under the gentlest touch.

Landscapes filled with skeletons of trees and bushes with just a hint of previous branch limbs and leafy fingertips.

Warped corrugated iron roofs lying helplessly in ruins.

Brave house walls licked by flames, being the only survivors in burned-down surroundings.


And like a background music, like a vast and tight embrace, a deafening silence.

About the collection:

I collected these burned fragile leaves and branches, cast them into silver and copper, capturing their fragile state of being. I wanted to capture the detail, letting the incongruity between beauty and devastation exist within one piece, letting it become a little memorial telling a huge story.

The wearable pieces offer you a space of intimate connection and contemplation of their stories.

The little and large sculptures stand elegantly and strong in your space whispering their stories for the ears open to hear them. 

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